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The original Masons Apron practised at The Masons Arms in Headington. Since then, as dancers joined us from the Witney and Long Hanborough areas, it was decided to move to our present headquarters at the Recreation Hall, Long Hanborough.

We were first taught dances by the Hertfordshire Hollies, some of which are still danced.  Since then we have attended workshops, collected dances from other generous sides and created two garland dances of our own.

Today our band consists of Richard Ford, Mike Richardson, Mike Shrimpton, Gordon Bailey and Ken Hanks. New musicians are always welcome. 

Over the years we have danced in several European countries, including Germany, Belgium, France and the Netherlands. We usually arrange an October jolly somewhere in the UK or abroad. We also spend several weekends away each year at various folk festivals. In addition, we often host a Morris Ale, where other sides join us to dance and share a meal. 

Our programme of 'dancing out' usually starts in April, and for more details of where to find us, please see here.



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