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The Weston-Super-Mare Jolly October  2022

Another lovely 'jolly', this time to Weston. The sun shone (apart from one downpour where we scuttled into the excellent Victorian Cafe) and we danced all along the Esplanade, inside the Helicopter Museum and along the Front at Burnham-on-Sea. Special thanks to Tom at the Helicopter Museum, and to Carlo who volunteered (?) to be winched! The museum is a fantastic place to go! 

Great fun dancing in Weston, musicians playing, and Mike with his jig doll amusing the young and old alike. Music sessions and Ingunn's games made for a fun diversion in the evening. 

The Weymouth Jolly October 2021

IMG-20211016-WA0000 (2).jpg
IMG-20211017-WA0001 (2).jpg
IMG-20211016-WA0003 (2).jpg
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